Friday, 20 March 2015

Blog moved

Hey everyone!

My blog moved a couple of weeks ago. It's now located at:

It allows me for prettier and more different types of posts. It's really surged me to show more of what I'm actually doing on a daily to weekly basis. Hope you join me there!

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Team growth

So, it's been a while. Sorry for that. It's been incredibly busy at work.

The talk for the CEO's I wrote about last time went really well and I heard that there is about 30 other organizations in the country that will be starting to work with the cliĆ«ntkompas or Omaha system next year as well. It will be the main digital patient file for district nurses in  the country. They signed a contract for it, and I'm very happy to have helped accomplish it.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Important things

Later today I will be telling a whole bunch of managers, CEO's and other likewise important people about the new digital client file system we work with both at Buurtzorg and at Amstelring. About how we have worked to implement it and what it means for us as nurses to work with it and use it in our every day work. 

Monday, 21 July 2014

New beginnings

Next Tuesday will be the last day I work at Buurtzorg. Last week and this week I have been busy telling all my clients, dividing all my tasks and clients among my colleagues. And we're planning a good bye lunch.

It's still a weird feeling though, to leave everything I know behind and start all over. All that networking that I've done the last three years will be mostly useless.

But I also have grown a lot as well the last three years. One of my clients told me when I told her: " Oh you came in so quiet and now you're yourself and talkative. I really hope you have fun in your new job and will be able to hang on to the way you're working now."  I really didn't expect her to say something like that, so that took me by surprise but she is right.

Today I was for the last time at one of my clients. They were so happy with the way I delivered the care that they gave me a little good bye present. And his ex-wife gave me a hug and told me to let them know how I was getting on. I so didn't expect that, but all this has given me such a confidence boost!

Last Wednesday I did my first day at the new team already and it's so cool! I'm really looking forward to really kicking into gear there!

Friday, 20 June 2014

Big changes

Well it's been a while, but in all honesty that is because once again there was not much to tell. Over the past few months I have been getting the occasional message from Karen and James with questions and updates about how they are doing in Cornwall. Still not too well sadly as it's still very difficult to get funding. But they are still working on it and last I heard there is quite some interest in district nurses working the way we do. So that is something right?!

As for myself I have been contacted by an old colleague. Aenne worked for Buurtzorg many years and had to leave sadly last November, since then she has been working for this other company, Amstelring. Since a few years their nurses have been educated and retrained to work in a similar way as we do at Buurtzorg. Before that they worked like any other old large healthcare organisation. Now you can barely see a difference, if anything they do better because they have been able to look at how Buurtzorg did things and improve on that.

In January Aenne contacted me, their nurses were going to use the same electronical patientfile system that we already used at Buurtzorg and she wanted me to teach their nurses! So I started on my spare Fridays and the more I did the more they wanted me to do and the more did I want to do for them. I love training and teaching so this is quite a fun experience for me!

However it started to become a bit much to work for two organisations all this time. In May I accepted Amstelring's offer to work two days instead of one, meaning I am now working 5 days a week. 3 at my team at Buurtzorg and 2 at Amstelring teaching. But with the weekend and other irregular shifts at Buurtzorg that means I need to work quite a lot of days in a row quite often. So a couple of weeks ago I started looking into their offers to work for them full time. And the end result is that I will sadly stop working for Buurtzorg per the 1st of August.

It is most certainly a bit sad too, leaving my colleagues behind. They taught me so much there and I am so grateful for that!! But it is also very exciting to see what I will be able to do with what they taught me. And I know that for me this is absolutely the best choice right now.
At Amstelring I will become part of one or two starting teams so I will be able to use my experience of already working in a self managing team to help them set up and get going.